Time to move forward on hemp and cannabis


What are your views with respect to cannabis and industrial hemp?

  • Kentucky can use a robust industry for revenue generation. Industrial hemp – with it’s multiple uses, can serve to fund local infrastructure and state programs.
  • Cannabis use, like the use with the lottery, can be a revenue generator for the state. Do you feel that It is time to change the penalties for possession of small amounts of cannabis? By eliminating penalties to potential offenders we will lessen the burden on our over crowded jails and prisons.

1 thought on “Time to move forward on hemp and cannabis”

  1. Justin clark says:

    Hello, My name is Toad,
    Ive traveled to colorado and other many great states in our country for the last 5 yrs I’ve personally got to witness first hand the effects positive and negative of Colorado and their de criminalization of medical and recreational marijuana
    Money revenue *billions*
    More money to spend on education and community projects
    Helping bring family’s out of poverty
    And also creating hundreds of thousands of jobs
    Also slows the sell of hard drugs *heroin,meth ect. By converting people to medicinal purposes

    Government control
    Increased taxation *theft by deception government*
    By product from chemicals *industrial farming*
    Smoking in public

    In the end folks if we’d stop logging our national forests and privately owned lands for 5 yrs and start using every available farm to grow hemp crops and leave the medicinal and recreational marijuana to the people to grow for themselves we can tax them both and not only help boost our economy financially but also boost the moral and spirit of the Appalachian people of my home state were struggling now but make logging illegal 5 yr start a hemp industry so huge in 1-2 yrs we can have created enough jobs from byproduct of hemp *oils, paper,cloth, hemp Crete* we can bring our great state out of a hugs national crisis w addiction and poverty 1st yr is always the roughest but I believe we can do it

    I’m From a small town called irvine ky been here off n on my entire life below poverty standards for this state I’ve faught my entire life to survive this would be a blessing

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