Kentucky Green Party 2017 State Convention

The Kentucky GreenParty 2017 State Convention will take place on Saturday, 5 August from 1 PM until 4 PM on the Lrge Meeting Room of the Lexington Library, Beaumont Branch.

This is a closed convention, that is, only those registered to vote as a Kentucky Green will be admitted.

  1. We will elect the Steering Committee for the next two years and address issues regarding the bylaws, local groups, and running for office throughout the state.

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Steering Committee Mtg 6/27/16


Kentucky Green Party members may submit items to be considered for Monday’s Steering Committee meeting at

Remember per our bylaws:

5.4 The Steering Committee shall meet at its discretion, in person or by electronic means.  Timely notice of Steering Committee meetings and meeting minutes shall be sent to all local groups, posted on the Party’s web site, and advertised in any way the Steering Committee deems necessary.  All Steering Committee meetings shall be open to members of the Party, but only Steering Committee members shall have a vote.  In the case of meetings held by telephone conference call, video chat, or other electronic means, any interested member shall be allowed to participate in a nonvoting capacity by notifying the Steering Committee of their interest, after which the Steering Committee shall provide them access to participate.