09/30 Write-In Candidacy status

9/30: Potential GREEN Party voters in Kentucky: If you want to vote for Howie Hawkins for President/Angela Walker for VP, by mail or early voting, please note that their candidacy is not yet official in the Commonwealth. We are and have been working on a write-in candidacy, we have been in contact with the Hawkins/Walker campaign, and papers have been sent. We will post official status here once achieved.

Please check the Secretary of State (SOS) website – link below – BEFORE you mail in your ballot or vote in person. As of today, 9/30/20, the SOS website does not yet list Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker as a write-in option. If you can hold on to your ballot for a couple more days until official status is confirmed, your ballot can be sent in or dropped off before November 3rd.

Writing in “Green” or “Green Party” (nor “Kermit the Frog”) will likely not count. The name of a person needs to be written in for the office of the president. In Solidarity and Thank You for wanting to vote Green! Ben (KYGP Secretary)


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