KYGP 2021/22 Statewide Convention Virtual Meeting 01-29-2022 3:00 to 4:30pm ET

Save the Date, please, and let us know you’d like to attend!

The KYGP SC (Kentucky Green Party Steering Committee) is organizing the 2021/22 Statewide Convention for KYGP Members. Due to various reasons, this will be a virtual event only, without an in-person meeting place (as we have done before in Lexington and Louisville). Per our Bylaws, we were supposed to have this Statewide Convention in 2021, but were not successful in holding it during the previous calendar year. The Steering Committee members have now scheduled the 2021 Statewide Convention for January 29th, 2022, between 3pm – 4:30pm ET (2pm – 3:30pm CT).

Please register by sending us a short email to that you are interested in attending and we will send out meeting invites as soon as possible.

Agenda items for Statewide Convention:

  1. SC Vote – Kentucky Green Party members need to nominate, select, and vote on Steering Committee members and confirm them.
  2. Co-Chair Vote – Kentucky Green Party members need to vote on a Co-Chair for a two year term. David has been Co-Chair since 2019 and his two-year term is ending. He may choose to run (be nominated) again, but KYGP members will need to vote to confirm.
  3. NC Delegate Vote – The SC needs to nominate and vote on a NC Delegate to replace E.. Currently, David and E. are listed as NC delegates, Nathaniel and Ben are NC alternate delegates to the National Committee. E. signaled earlier in 2021 that she needs to step away and we need to fill this position.

Additional agenda items, as time permits:

  • Election Year 2022 – overview of what KY electorate will vote on, what potential candidates need to do, how we can build up candidates, what support KYGP can provide and what national GP can do.
  • 2022 Plans for KYGP – what can we, the KY Green Party, plan for and realistically accomplish this year.
  • Party program – develop plan to write up formal platform that can be used by candidates, sent out to party members, published etc.
  • Additional items TBD.

Backup date: If we cannot hold the Statewide Convention on 01/29/2022 due to unforeseen reasons, the backup date is Saturday February, 26th 2022 afternoon hours.

See you there, virtually, Peace! Ben P.

4 thoughts on “KYGP 2021/22 Statewide Convention Virtual Meeting 01-29-2022 3:00 to 4:30pm ET”

  1. Web site is looking good. Still checking out the rest. I am not registered as a Green now. 12-31-21 deadline missed. I’d be interested in attending the 01-29-22 meeting. Can I? Rich Stevenson, Working on Proactive Voter Movement. Jefferson County IVA rollout this year. I see it as good for the KYGP and nonpartisan KY politics. . Keep up the good work.

    1. David Templar says:


      Yes, indeed, please join!

  2. Ben Plume says:

    Rich – call in info has been sent to you. Thanks, Ben

  3. Ben Plume says:

    Update: We are rescheduling the Statewide Convention to 02/27/22 (Sunday) from 3:00pm – 4:30pm ET due to low attendance today (1/29). We did reach a quorum on the first call today, but not high enough attendance for any Steering Committee business (…). We concluded the meeting by 3:40pm. The second meeting slot (Zoom call) was open from 3:45pm to 3:55pm, but closed at 3:55pm since no one else dialed in at that time. Thank you and see you on 2/27/22.

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