KYGP Caucus 2020 – 6/27 until 7/3/2020

The KYGP Steering Committee has voted to hold an ONLINE Caucus from Saturday, June 27 2020 until Friday, July 3 2020 midnight ET to select our candidate. Any registered voter whose Kentucky voter registration can be verified as “GREEN” on or before July 1 2020 (midnight ET) may cast a single ballot. Ballots will include those national candidates who “have met basic criteria for official recognition by the GPUS” as of June 26, 2020 (end of day) and will allow Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV). Results will be available after voting ends and published online on July 5 2020 (or earlier).

How to participate: Please inquire by sending an email to info at kygreenparty dot org with the subject line ‘GreenVote KY 2020’ by July 1 2020 or earlier.

Please refrain from participating if your voter registration will not be GREEN on July 1 2020 or earlier.

2 thoughts on “KYGP Caucus 2020 – 6/27 until 7/3/2020”

  1. Stacey Farris says:

    I am interested.

    1. Ben Plume says:

      Stacey – thank you for your interest and following up with an email. You should have received your invitation to vote by now. Thank you for participating in democracy!

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